The Fluids are here to take a sonic poleax to the clean cut rock vibe that dominates Brooklyn. The project was born from the premortal sludge that is post-collegiate malaise, unrequited lust, and endless consumption of reality TV. Trapped between corporate angst and young stoner life (shout-out Young Thug), the band honed their sound over the past few years, which is inspired by (and perhaps a more raucous version of) Talking Heads' unhinged art punk jukebox and Berlin-era David Bowie. Their shambolic skills were honed in a local practice space where they crafted songs around lead singer Mike Tony's wild vocal inabilities, a speak-sing punch that rattles across shards of shattered eardrums.


Taking their no-wave thrashing and the indomitable spirit of a MasterChef Jr. contestant to the stage early on only strengthened their conviction that they were cooking up something special. So impressed with himself was Nick DeMolina (keys/vox) that he showed video of The Fluids' first performance to his co-bartender, Cooper Formant. The older, more experienced musician was all set to take this young, meme-obsessed wannabe to task for what he was sure would be another mundane outfit from a city packed with the same. Instead, he witnessed a sweaty, magnanimous display of valorous rock where structure came as an innate byproduct of deranged instincts. And he wanted to be a part of it.


Formant brought his Zeppelin-esque riffage and stoned parental nature to the band, sagely guiding them towards their full, furious potential. Finally whole, The Fluids entered 66 Rivington Studios in Manhattan's Lower East Side with producer Matthew "Pickles" Iwanusa of Caveman and producer/engineer/mixer Nico Chiotellis to record No Kidding!. Several years in the making, the record is the group's first step towards much larger goals, which include all-inclusive trips to Ibiza.