Simon Doom


SPAER is a Brooklyn-based audio/visual artist and producer. Inspired by fall and winter, icy highways and cement, he’s a cynical New England boy with a cold sound and the best intentions. Like a baby with a moustache, these sounds are inviting but ominous. Soothing
harmonies and bright guitars sit on top of a bed of skull-rattling bass and drums... the springs under the mattress jab the listener when least expected. Elements of sad-boy indie music mingle with the thump of hip-hop influenced beats, while precise electronics stand
side-by-side with raw organic vibrations like a vendor selling hard drives and bok choy.

SPAER thinks he’s clever but sounds stupid. He prefers to express himself non-verbally and was never a very good writer. So if you think this is dumb, then just listen to the album. This music is not for despair, but for celebration! These songs bring SPAER joy, and he
hopes they’ll bring happiness to you as well.

And hark! While no angels sing, SPAER recruited his very much alive and talented friends to join him on his debut album. His collaborators include vocalists Katie Martucci, Money Penny, Violet, Crier Ike, and Izzy Howard, all of whom are featured on his debut album, PAER, ol. 1, due out in April. For historical context, SPAER is a founding member of the band, Psymon Spine, whose album ou Are Coming To My Birthda was released on Axis Mundi Records in 2017.