Mr. Divisadero

Mr. Divisadero

in early 2014, through the mystical forces of the universe, co-founders of Axis Mundi (Bill and Graham), found themselves sharing a rehearsal space with a band called WORKOUT. One day they were digging through some boxes and came across an aggressively DIY-looking album on CD, by a band called MR. DIVISADERO.


Recognizing the names on the sheet of paper (4/5th of MR. DIVISADERO are in WORKOUT, and vice versa), Bill and Graham asked Jack Killen (singer/keys for Workout and Mr. Divisadero) about the CD and the band that recorded it and got a short response:


"Mr. Divisadero was a band we formed in San Francisco in 2006 as a dramatic power trio: Jake Long on a compact electronic drum kit, Jack Killen on the digital ivories while belting out his soul, and Alex Forbes rocking the electric guitar. People had no idea what to expect from the beginning, and many were still confused by the end."


So why is Axis Mundi releasing their album and expecting anyone to care? Quick answer is that they love it, and think it would be selfish not to share with the world. The album is dirty, loose, hectic and dark. The label considered asking Mr. D to re-record the album but then thought: Could Pure Guava or The Pod (WEEN) be re-recorded and polished up a bit and sound fantastic? Yes. Would they love to hear it? Yes. But, would it be better? No, and that is the beauty of MR. DIVISADERO.

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